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Air Series, 9.6kW Sauna Heater w/Climate Equalizer, Black

Model AIR 10

SKU 4745090017854


Saunum’s patented air blending system draws heat and steam from near the ceiling, mixes it with cooler, more oxygenated air near the floor, then directs more comfortable, breathable steam throughout the room. This equalizes room temperature by more than 60% for a significantly better sauna experience. You’ll enjoy longer, more satisfying sauna sessions with more intense sweating. 

All sauna bathers have experienced the same issue – extreme variance in temperature and oxygen from the ceiling to the floor. The temperature at the ceiling can often exceed 200°F, while at the floor it will be under 100°F, causing your feet to feel uncomfortably cool and your head to be too hot. The temperature and oxygen level should be more consistent throughout. 

This revolutionary sauna heater includes an ingenious climate equalizing system that more evenly balances the temperature and oxygen levels throughout your sauna for softer, more breathable air.

Saunum is all about the air!
• The AIR we heat
• The AIR we feel
• The AIR we breathe

Enrich the air with Himalayan salt ions
The ions released from the patented Himalayan salt feature are propelled into the sauna to maximize their health benefits. Salt aerosol has long been used for its benefits as a decongestant, inflammation reduction, and possesses anti-microbial properties.  

Add another dimension to your sauna with aromatherapy
Breathe deep, relax, let the room fill with heat and steam, and clear away your tension with the invigorating and awakening scents of Saunum’s available aromatherapy option.

Experience 6 distinct styles of sauna bathing
Saunum lets you customize your bathing experience by adjusting airflow, temperature, and steam to suit your exact preferences.

•   Russian Banya – Air blending, massive stone volume, intense heat, and steam. Heat, ventilation, and humidity merge to simulate a traditional banya.
•   Finnish Sauna – Harness the power of intense, dry heat for an authentic Finnish sauna. Its huge rock mass radiates intense, consistent heat.
•   Estonian Sauna – Long sweats, soothing heat and rich steam are the hallmarks of an Estonian sauna.
•   Yoga Sauna – Oxygenated airflow allows for yoga sauna experience. Even at floor level, equalized Air delivers warming heat for ideal hot yoga sessions.  
•   Salt Sauna – A patented system propels healthful Himalayan salt ions throughout the room. Air passes across the salt chamber creating a true salt sauna.
•   Aroma Sauna – Not possible in most saunas, Saunum uses high humidity and air movement to bring satisfying aroma to your experience.



  • Air Mixing Technology – Saunum patented air blending system mixes cold oxygen-rich air from the floor with hot oxygen-poor air off the ceiling to solve the discomfort so many associate with sauna. Whether you like it extremely hot, or just warm, Saunum delivers both in a way that heat and oxygen is felt head to toe.
  • European Design – With elegant black steel finish, Saunum combines Scandinavian design and quality materials. Select the the simple elegance of the Nordic black steel body, or open stainless steel basket for a glowing organic aesthetic.
  • Massive Stone Capacity – Stones are the heart of a Nordic sauna. Ample stones result in softer, more even heat, and can produce more luxurious steam. Large 231 pound stone capacity (required 7 boxes sold separately)
  • Himalayan Salt Reservoir – Saunum’s Himalayan salt tray is positioned within the air stream so that salt ions are propelled throughout the sauna to deliver health benefits more effectively. 
  • Wi-Fi Control Option – The available AirIQ Wi-Fi control unit allows you to activate a tailored sauna profile and have your custom sauna ready at the time that you specify on your mobile device.
  • Dry your Sauna – Go ahead, toss water onto the rocks! Saunum is engineered for water-tossing, and when you're done enjoyinbg the steam, the patented fan system will conveniently help dry your sauna.     
  • UL Certification – Safety and reliability are priorities at Saunum, and each product is engineered to exceed strict UL standards.
  • Available Aromatherapy - Add another sensory layer with Saunum's optional aromatherapy system, which infuses aroma into the steam to further transform your experience.
  • For sauna rooms from 247 to 353 cu. ft.


  • Nordic Black Metal Stone Basket 
  • Heat Equalizing Module
  • Telescopic Hot Air Intake
  • Heating Element Air Tunnels (3)
  • Himalayan Salt Spheres (7)
  • Hot Air Intake Cap
  • Stainless Steel Protective Grille
  • Heating Element Electrical Cable, 5' (152.4 cm)
  • Heat Equalizer Electrical Cable, 5' (152.4 cm)
  • Room Temperature Sensor & Cable, 9.5' (289.56 cm)
  • Door Sensor & Cable Assembly, 9.83' (299.62 cm)
  • IQAir Display Panel Cable, 16' (487.68 cm)
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Installation & Operation Manual
  • Limited Warranty



Assembly Manual

Heat Equalizing System


Air 10

Certification/Global Safety Rating

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Heat/Steam Equalizer Module

3-Speeds, Whisper-Quiet Operation

Ceiling Hot Air Intake

17.72" x 4" ( 450.09 x 101.6 mm)

Cool Air Intake Type

Adjustable Valve, Side-Mounted, 12" (304.8 mm) Off Floor

Cool Air Intake Size

2" x 2.75" (50.8 x 69.85 mm)

Blended Air Output

4.31" x 14.13" (109.47 x 358.90 mm)

Himalayan Salt & Aroma Tray Type

16.5" x 4.5" (419.1 x 111.76 mm)

Himalayan Salt & Aroma Tray Size

16.5" x 4.5" (419.1 x 111.76 mm)

Sauna Heater System


Air 10

Certification/Global Safety Rating

UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Heater Body Style

Solid Steel - Nordic Black

Heating Elements

Incoloy (Stainless Steel)

Heating Element Protection (included)

Air Tunnels, Slotted Stainless Steel, Three

Room Size

247 - 353 (7-10 Cubic Meters)

Wattage Rating


Operating Voltage







121 lbs (55 kg)

Shipping Weight with Stones

385 lbs (175 kg)

Product Depth

12.41" (315.3 mm)

Product Width

18.31" (465 mm)

Product Height (including telescopic air intake)

88.9 - 94.5" (2258.06-2400.04 mm)

Minimum Ceiling Height

88.9" (2258.06 mm)

Stone Capacity

198 - 231 lbs (90-105kg)

Stone Size (sold separately)

2" - 4" (5-10 cm)

Circuit Breaker

50 Amp

Wire Size to Power Unit

(2) #6 +N + G

Wire Size - Power Unit to Elements (Included)

7-Conductor Cable, #14AWG , 90-Degree C, 5' (152.4 cm)

Wire Size - Power Unit to Heat Equalizer (Included)

5-Conductor Cable, #18AWG, 90-Degree C, 5' (152.4 cm)

Room Temperature Sensor

Pre-Mounted with Integrated Cable (150- Degree C), 9.5' (289.56 cm)




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WARRANTY With the Saunum device warranty,  Saunum guarantees that the product will be free from defects in the materials and the  assembly for a specified period after the date of purchase. If, during the warranty period, the device is found to be defective due to the use of substandard materials or the quality of the assembly, Saunum’s  recommended repair partners will repair or replace the device or its defective part with out charge for labour and parts under the conditions set out below. Saunum reserves the right to decide whether to replace the defective product component or to replace the device with a new one. The replaced defective product components remain the property of Saunum. Warranty conditions: 1. The warranty is only valid if a com pleted installation report is submit ted with the claim. 2. The device has been connected to the power network by a qualified electrician in accordance with the regulations in force. 3. The warranty period of the sauna climate device when used in a pri vate sauna is two (2) years. 4. The warranty period of the sauna climate device when used in a pub lic sauna is one (1) year. Not covered by the warranty: 1. Routine maintenance and clean ing of the device and replacement of the components due to normal wear and tear; 2. Adaptation or modification of the device for any purpose other than that indicated in the instructions for use; 3. Risks arising from transport; 4. Damage resulting from the misuse of the device; 5. Damage resulting from the improper installation of the device; 6. Repairs to the device not carried out by Saunum’s recommended repair partner (maintenance part ner); 7. Accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation, or any oth er factor beyond the control of Saunum; 8. Breakages caused by the use of stones and salt orbs not recom mended by Saunum; 9. The heating elements and the salt.



Revolutionize Your Brand with Experiential Bathing

Since 1969, we have witnessed traditional distribution channels resist the addition of the sauna and steam category to their product offerings. We have also seen tremendous added value when these product lines are embraced. The brands that we offer have touched the lives of bathers in millions of high-end homes, spas, and health clubs. We have the relationships, pricing, inventory, and vast support systems to offer you the industry’s most respected brands at the lowest prices.




Saunum AirIQ

Programmable Multi-Function Sauna Heater Control



  • For use with Saunum electric heaters up to 12 kW (Over 12 kW requires a separate contactor box.)
  • Temperature selection ranges from 104 °F – 194°F (40°C - 90°C). 
  • Allows you to set the operating time of the heater: up to 1 hour in a private sauna, up to 6 hours in a public sauna. 
  • Allows you to select up to 3 Preset Sauna settings: (selectable temperature, time, climate device speed)





Saunum AirIQ Wi-Fi

Programmable Multi-Function Wi-Fi Sauna Heater Control



  • For use with Saunum electric heaters up to 12 kW (Over 12 kW requires a separate contactor box.)
  • Temperature selection ranges from 104 °F – 194°F (40°C - 90°C). 
  • Allows you to set the operating time of the heater: up to 1 hour in a private sauna, up to 6 hours in a public sauna. 
  • Allows you to select up to 3 Preset Sauna settings: (selectable temperature, time, climate device speed)
  • AirIQ WiFi allows for sauna session scheduling for a specific day, time, and sauna type for the week.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface for Saunum mobile app available on AppStore and Google Play.







Saunum Heater Stones- Requires a minimum (165 lbs) 5 boxes. Sold Seperately

Sauna Heater Stones, Rounded Olivine, 5-10cm, 33 lbs per box



  • High-Quality Olivine diabase raw stone
  • Rounded, Pre-washed & ready to use
  • Durable with high-heat capacity
  • Stones range from 2" to 4" (5-10 cm)






Saunum Air Deflector

FREE Airflow Deflector for Saunum Air Series Heaters



  • Evenly circulates the airflow within the sauna room eliminating bathers discomfort. 
  • Improves overall airflow in sauna room.
  • Redirects air distributed by Saunum heaters



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